Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Little Flowers and Crafting Go Slow

Work has picked up just recently so the crafting time has been a little harder to find. I am eagerly awaiting a pattern purchase on Etsy. It is called The Patchfolio and is created by myapple. I also purchased another owl crochet pattern by a different Amy. This is sitting in the to do pile while a little baby owl is finished.

A little project that followed on from the spool knitted garden has been finished and given away. Spool flower on a much smaller scale, with no stem and a button centre. This is attached to a brooch pin.
From Corking

I made a purple one for myself but have not taken a picture of it yet. A cheery little touch on my jumper when I go off to work for the day.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

More Things Owl!

I think the owls are preparing for a takeover. Three more have been made and two have flown off to join the others at Mum's. One is a mother owl, using Ana's pattern, for the orphan given for Mother's Day and the other is my first attempt at sewing an owl from the pattern many others have shared on the web. Thanks to the great tutowlrial here it was an easy and fun bit of sewing. I used some scraps from a woollen coat I made for my mother-in-law and the other scrap was from a bag I made recently. The orginal pattern was posted on a craft forum but the instructions are all written in Japanese.
The third was made using Amy's pattern again and used some beautiful grey mottled wool. A baby using a darker mottled grey is planned for this mummy.

All the owls are frolicking in my Picasa album - All Things Owl

Yay! We have been getting a few comments. It is nice to think that someone has wandered past and had a little look at our crafting attempts. We are also starting to get the hang of adding comments to the blogs we admire.

Girly Card

Here is a wonderfully pink girly card that is being given away today for a 15th birthday.
It was very, very simple to make and took about 5 minutes. I cut co-ordinating pink card into random strips and stuck them on before sticking on the sticker and drawing some swirls to finish. I like its simplicity and girliness!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Easy Papercraft

Assorted Papercraft
A quick and easy task late last week were these bookmarks. I needed a thank you for some very helpful children. I used punches and little pieces of hand decorated papers to create these. Lots of lovely coloured wools were plaited for the tops of each one. The best bit was making each one just a little different.

Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Charms

Another Mother's Day secret. I have been waiting to post these pictures for ages but just had to wait until they were given on the day. I found the idea in a cross stitch magazine called Quick and Easy Stitch & Craft, February 2007 issue. The little flower was part of a table runner design and there was a suggestion to make a wine glass charm. I used a smaller count fabric and made six different coloured flowers. Avid Crafter and I had a great time visiting several bead shops to find the necessary matching beads for each charm. For the ring to attach to a wine glass stem we used ring memory wire.

See all the pictures are in my picasa album - Wine Glass Charms.

All Things Owl

Now that Mother's Day gifts have been happily received I can share some of the crafting endeavours of the past couple of weeks. Oh it is so hard to keep a secret! I sent these little owls to my Mum as she collects and likes all things OWL.

I recently discovered these wonderful patterns for sale on esty and have been happily crocheting little owls since. The mother and baby are a pattern by Amy Gaines. Her instructions were very clear and easy to follow and both of these were made in a couple of evenings.

The little baby is part of a pattern by Ana Paula Rimoli which is for sale in her etsy shop. These instructions were also clear and easy to follow. I did make some minor modifications because of my tension. I left out a couple of rows to make my owl a little shorter than the pattern. I am pretty sure it was just because my tension was different. I also made the mother owl and she winged her way to a little niece for her first birthday. I am now in the process of creating another mother owl for the orphan sent to my Mum.

These patterns are just great. They take very little wool, not much time and I think they are just adorable. I had great fun posing them in the the apple tree to take their photos. See all the pictures in my Picasa album - All Things Owl.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Mother's Day is amost here!

Mother's Day is almost here and soon I will be able to share the things I have been working on. A few little things have been waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Bag Progress

Lots of progress has been made on the knitted bag I've been making with my brown wool (that I got for my birthday). There are now two sides to the bag and all I have to do is sew it up and decide if I want to knit a flower to decorate it with. Yay, another UFO is almost finished!
A picture will come when it's finished.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Ruby Doll

Here is the Ruby Doll I made for my cousin's first birthday. She is the most ambitious sewing project I have attempted and I'm fairly happy with the results. Many thanks to crafty things for helping and rescuing the head, she helped avoid many disasters. The Ruby Doll pattern came from one red robin.

My Ruby Doll was named Blossom and hopefully shall be loved by my cousin for many years to come.