Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Coasters and Flowers

Here are a few pictures of the finished coasters. I have had the opportunity to repeat the coaster creating with another group of children and this time I remembered to take a few pictures.

The colour combination in this one does not show up so well in this photo. The green yarn on the purple hessian looked quite good and was contrasted with a pale cream yarn as well.

I also played some more with dyeing my crocheted flowers and also dyeing some wool before making the flowers. It is addictive!!

Lessons learnt this time:

* do not put little flowers out in the hot sun to dry out. End result sunburnt, faded flowers that were re-dyed to try and make them look pretty. The vibrant colours turned very muted in the hot sun. Front and back photos were taken to try and show the difference. I still like the muted flowers but was very surprised at the rapid rate of fade.
* exploding dye in the microwave can make a mess that needs cleaning!
* plastic cling wrap is your saviour - it contains the mess.

The back view is much brighter and clearer in colour tones than the sun exposed front. I suppose I could argue that nature can look like this often so it is a good thing for my flowers to look like this.

The flowers look very different when they are crocheted with the pre-coloured wool. I made the wool multi-coloured and then crocheted the flowers. What do you think?

And last of all an arty shot of the a few blooms in a row! I love playing with my camera and feel incredibly grateful for having been given it as a Christmas present.


  1. The flowers are all so pretty. Its lots of fun to experiment with the colours and just see what happens.

  2. Thank you for the lovely coaster pictures.
    The Sun is so strong here, it fades the clothes on the line. Your flowers are very pretty indeed!!

  3. The flowers are so pretty. It is really interesting how different the effects are depending on whether you dye first or crochet first. I like both effects.

  4. Exploding dye in microwave - not a pretty picture I'm sure! Love those coasters - the kids did a terrific job - I'm sure their Mum's will be delighted!

  5. The coasters are a lovely idea.. and you already know how I feel your crocheted flowers!! Gx

  6. Those flowers are just so beautiful and I love the coasters too - great idea.


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