Saturday, 24 May 2008

A Little Sewing and Pretty Flowers

I got time this week for a little sewing. I have wanted to try out this little pattern for a while now. Leanne posted a tutorial about creating a thread holder for all those little scraps that accumulate when you are stitching. I had the post bookmarked and had time this week to make my own. It is a fun little project and Leanne's instructions and photos are nice and clear. Thanks, Leanne for posting the tutorial.

I have given this to my lovely daughter to use when she is busy cross stitching so that she has somewhere pretty to put all the little waste threads. It is nice to be able to surround yourself with pretty but practical things.

A picture of some flowers to finish this post. These beautiful flowers were delivered to us during the week. I am enjoying the colours so much as each flower bud opens. It is not a common thing for us to receive flowers so these were very much appreciated. They were sent by my husband's work as a 'thinking of you' gift. His father is still very unwell from a brain injury sustained at Easter doing home maintenance. There has been some improvement but there is a long road ahead to recovery and there may well be long term damage - more testing and rehab is needed yet before any final outcome will be known.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

New Cards

I have not created any new cards for quite a while and it felt really good to sit down and create these the other day. I was looking at the flowers that I had crocheted and decided that they would be quite nice on the front of a card. I used a piece of hessian for the flowers to sit on and a little bit of fine line pen detail to finish them off.

We are still enduring computer woes - everything else on the computer is humming along it just doesn't want to talk to the internet at all. It is weird as our little old laptop is still quite happy talking to the internet through the very same modem but this one just wants to have hissy fits constantly. We have tried all sorts of suggestions with no change and are now at the head scratching stage of not having a clue what it could be!!

Monday, 12 May 2008


Well, not a lot crafty has been happening for me lately. Aside from turning my teddy bear cross-stitch into Crafty Things' wall hanging, I haven't done a lot. I'm working on my 'Underwater' cross-stitch, so far I've done 1/2 the big fish and some seaweed. It's a reasonable amount since I'm definitely not the fastest stitcher in the world but it looks such a small amount on the great huge space of Aida! And I've knitted some more of my baby hats. However we've recently found out that another baby is on the way so my hat output needs to increase if there's going to be any chance of these hats being done when the babies arrive!

We still have no idea how to fix our internet problem, and I have no idea how to make pictures work on the laptop so it's looking like it'll be a while until you can all see what we've been up to, instead of just hearing about it. Hopefully all these problems get fixed soon so I can go back to using a computer that doesn't take half and hour to start up and chucks a hissy fit when you ask it to two things at once!

I don't know what I've been doing to take up time while I haven't been crafting much! It's as though all the time has vanished. I blinked and missed about two months! Looking back I've found that I haven't posted for about a month. Maybe I have been doing a lot less crafting lately or maybe I'm just forgetting to post about it. I have a few ideas buzzing around my head but can't seem to find the time to make them happen.

Well hopefully this is the end of my unintentional blogging break. If any of you have actually got to the end of all this blathering on about nothing, congratulations!

New Titles!

Hooray!!! My order from Amazon has arrived. Sorry for another picture less post but the laptop doesn't have easy access to the pictures (just feeling a little lazy about making pictures accessible) and the other silly computer refuses to play fair with it's internet connection.

The next book in the Cute Stuff series looks just as good as the other with a neat little array of things to create. Avid Crafter is already browsing through it. The Softies Kit will be used soon and Making Books will be a very happy addition to the bookcase. It will be opened frequently and perused often for inspiration and techniques that I can use when I do book making activities with groups of children.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A quick post to wish all a Happy Mother's Day. Mine has been just great - a nice picnic lunch and a visit to an animal park and a few presents from my lovely family. Avid Crafter gave me a hanging made from one of her recently finished cross stitchings and I will have it hanging on the wall very soon.

No pictures yet - internet access woes on our computer - so frustrating and not yet solved!!!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Another Amigurumi

Here is my next attempt from the Kyuuto! amigurumi book that I bought a while ago. This time I tried out the pattern for a rabbit. Instead of the fluffy yarn suggested I used a smoother yarn.

Here he is posing outside. I took one shot in dappled sunshine and the other in shade and the shade shot probably shows the colour of the yarn more clearly. It is a very pale mint.

The pattern suggested buttons for the nose and eyes but I changed my mind part way through and tried out some small crocheted circles instead. My daughter thinks he needs whiskers and she is not sure about the face.