Thursday, 26 March 2009

More Playing Around with Wool

I have been trying to create a few different spooligarumi to inspire the children I am working with at the moment. The latest experiment was this little mushroom. After making the lengths of corking I wound, stitched and shaped to get this final product.

The stalk was made first and stuffed lightly to keep it firm. The red part of the top came next and this sits on top of the stalk. The little patch of white was done last and is a piece of two pin spooling. This is stitched to the stalk to hold it all together. I didn't put any stuffing in the top of the mushroom but might try this another time. French knots form the little white dots on top.


  1. I like that , very clever .
    clares craftroom

  2. Very cute Tracey..... Love little mushrooms.


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