Saturday, 20 June 2009

Time for a Happy Dance!!

You know what that means! Warning: This is a picture-heavy post!

Uh huh! The Spring girl is finished, the lucky last in the whole set. Here they all are together:

Don't they look good all together like that. I haven't worked out yet exactly how I'm going to put them together, or what they will actually end up being, but that's ok, there's no rush. There's plenty of fabric around the edges of each girl so I have plenty of room to move. Of course, I immediately moved on to something else, and finished it too! (ok so that's because I finished the Spring girl a little while ago, but hadn't taken any photos yet but shhh, no-one needs to know that!) So here is a cute May Gibbs bookmark front and back:

It is based on her famous book Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Crafty Things had the kit sitting around for years, so I ended up stitching it instead.

And yes, I have the next one all ready to go :-)

In between doing those cross-stitch projects I made these from a pattern produced at my local-ish quilt shop.

Meet "Moggy" and "Sproggy". (No I didn't think of those names, they were on the pattern. Wish I did though!) They are not very big and only took me a weekend to make. Plus I did them all myself, no help needed :-) My machine-sewing skills are improving slowly!

So until next time, off I go to do some proper work.

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  1. Moggy and Sproggy are so cute! Love how your Seasonal girls turned out.

  2. You have been stitching up a storm . Love your cats and your xstitch .

  3. How I wish I could find enough time in my days to do all these cute projects! I especially love the May Gibbs bookmark. Dear little Snugglepot & Cuddlepie from childhood days.


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