Monday, 17 August 2009

Still here and trying to craft in amongst other stuff!!

Yes, it has been a while since an update on this blog. If anybody is still visiting - sorry but life gets hectic and the blog languishes!

A new item in the crafting supplies was a Kumihimo braiding disc.

I first saw these a few craft fairs ago but paid little attention to them. Avid Crafter had the chance to do a workshop at this year's craft fair and that was enough to encourage us to obtain several to experiment with.

Along with several round discs we bought a square disc (yet to be used) and two lovely books. The books had plenty of ideas to get us started. Avid Crafter will most likely share her experiments in a post soon. I have made a few key chain decorations with thicker cord and some adjustable bracelets with thinner cotton thread. I have tried hand dying the thread first with some success although the colours in one bracelet faded considerably after a trip through the shower. Sorry no pictures of the bracelets yet - the weather has been very bad for photos.

So far I have tried cotton thread, wool, thick nylon cord and ribbon. Each one had it's own unique characteristics when braided and I really liked the ribbon combined with the cord. That experimental piece might becomes a bag handle one day.

I have sourced supplies from Punch with Judy and Braid and Bead Studio. I love the gallery on the Braid and Bead site.

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  1. Looks like an interesting device - I can imagine that you would be able to make some gorgeous braids.


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