Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Oh Dear - time passes quickly!!

There has been a long time since our last post - does anybody visit anymore? Full time work for Crafty Things and end of year school doings for Avid Crafter left us very busy. Christmas crafting was confined to creating this year's cards and some decorations for the tree using my paper and string patterns. Some robins and some reindeer were added to the tree. No scans of the card design yet. It was created using my Gocco printer with some added watercolour shading once the design was printed. I drew a little robin using Inkscape to help me and then added a hand lettered greeting.

The picture at the top of the post is a collage of some photos I took this morning on our walk to the shop from our shack - along the beach and up the track. Lots of stopping for photo taking and enjoying the scenery. I was lucky enough to be able to treat myself to a new lens for my camera and now must learn how to get the best out of it. Chasing butterflies and seagulls tests it out very well!!

Relaxing at the shack is the ideal time for some crafting to happen. Some crochet food is being trialled at the moment. The patterns are from a book called Tasty Crochet by Rose Langlitz. The only problems so far have been with not having enough colours to fully finish any one item. Taking the whole yarn stash to the shack would be very hard to do!

Maybe there will not be quite so much time between posts while we summer holidaying.

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