Thursday, 15 March 2007

Creating with Artrage

From Art Rage Butt...

These images were macro photographs I took of a butterfly. I used a brilliant program called Artrage to paint over the photos with glitter to give a textured finish. Artrage allows you to load a tracing image and when you paint over it the program will select the colours from the tracing image. Next I think I want to try creating a collage effect by changing the tracing image part way through.

Artrage only costs $19.95 US dollars and is available from Ambient Design

Another little project I have been working on is a felted bag. I borrowed a book from the library on felting knitted objects and tried it out on a sample. Love the feel of the wool once it is felted. I like how it is all a little bit of a surprise once the bit of knitting appears back out of the washing machine. Will have to do some internet searching to find out more about this fun activity.

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