Friday, 10 August 2007

Nice Places to Visit

Crafting has taken one of those slow dives down as the rest of life intervenes. We have had lots of other exciting things happening and I know more crafting will come later. My son and his friends have been involved with the Robocup Junior competition for three years and this year they designed and built their own robots to play soccer. They have just finished competing in the state competition and they WON!! This means they have the opportunity to compete at the National level. The competition is being held on the Gold Coast this year so we decided that the whole family would go - a short holiday and the robotics combined into one. My first ever trip to Queensland!!!! We only get three days of sightseeing so we are trying to plan carefully and then there is the two days of robot soccer to watch along with a little shopping excursion for the girls!

On another tangent altogether I recently stumbled across this site:

It is great to see a site specifically for Aussie creators to advertise their wares. It is specifically for Aussie sellers and lists all items for sale in Aussie dollars. Of course purchasers can come from anywhere!

Another little web cruise led me to this book. I will have to put it on the wishlist for Christmas.

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