Monday, 12 May 2008


Well, not a lot crafty has been happening for me lately. Aside from turning my teddy bear cross-stitch into Crafty Things' wall hanging, I haven't done a lot. I'm working on my 'Underwater' cross-stitch, so far I've done 1/2 the big fish and some seaweed. It's a reasonable amount since I'm definitely not the fastest stitcher in the world but it looks such a small amount on the great huge space of Aida! And I've knitted some more of my baby hats. However we've recently found out that another baby is on the way so my hat output needs to increase if there's going to be any chance of these hats being done when the babies arrive!

We still have no idea how to fix our internet problem, and I have no idea how to make pictures work on the laptop so it's looking like it'll be a while until you can all see what we've been up to, instead of just hearing about it. Hopefully all these problems get fixed soon so I can go back to using a computer that doesn't take half and hour to start up and chucks a hissy fit when you ask it to two things at once!

I don't know what I've been doing to take up time while I haven't been crafting much! It's as though all the time has vanished. I blinked and missed about two months! Looking back I've found that I haven't posted for about a month. Maybe I have been doing a lot less crafting lately or maybe I'm just forgetting to post about it. I have a few ideas buzzing around my head but can't seem to find the time to make them happen.

Well hopefully this is the end of my unintentional blogging break. If any of you have actually got to the end of all this blathering on about nothing, congratulations!

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  1. Oh, it must be a pain not having a computer that does what you want it to, and not being able to post any pictures.

    I know what you mean about the time disappearing too. It just goes, who knows where.


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