Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Craft Fair

This year's Quilt and Craft fair was great, if a little smaller than last time. Crafty things and I spent all day there cruising the stalls. Both of us got lots of new goodies and left with lighter purses!! I did a little workshop and made a beaded brooch. It's purple and the beads dangle off a special safety pin. This is really cool, the head screws off so you can put things on the pin and then just screw the head back on.

I got some Fiskars pinking shears which are really comfortable. They are spring loaded and have squishy handles which make cutting sooo easy.
Some other purchases were: a brass flower stencil (the one crafty things used for her cards), a frame to hold my cross-stitches in while I'm working on them, 2 applique kits (one is a pelican and the other is 3 ladybugs. They have fabric, Vliesofix and the pattern in them) and a rubber stamp that says 'Made with Love by' so you can put your name there.
Some geat crafting things are on the way!

Some progress has been made on the lacy crocheted scarf! It grows reallly quickly! The colours look even better now they are made into something.

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