Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Cards Galore

I am definitely in a card making mood at the moment. Here are the latest two - made today. I am having great fun trying out the new acquisitions from the recent craft fair. The dragonfly stencil is showing great potential. I used thick card and mica ink and then cut it out with a sharp blade. The ribbon has wire running through it and was fun to bend. It didn't go through my sticker maker very easily!

The flower stencil is another new one. Here I have been experimenting with some new sparkly stuff. It is very fine, round particles that roll everywhere. I watched a demonstration of stencilling using PVA glue and then adding the sparkle but I think I need some more practice. My first try was horrendous. With this stencil I tried adding the glue with a q-tip and then sprinkling. It sort of worked. I definitely need a sprinkle board. Pity I didn't buy one.

More ideas are rolling around the brain so stay tuned.

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  1. The flower stencil is actually mine but we always share stuff!

    Nice cards.



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