Friday, 16 January 2009

How to use up a stack of sheet music

One of the side effects of leaning a musical instrument is the growing pile of photocopied sheet music. Now, I could recycle it but looking at it I thought 'That could make for some interesting cards' and then never got back to it. Until yesterday.

I have heaps of the oval shaped three-fold cards. So I found some musical motifs on the computer, printed them out in bright colours, added them to the sheet music and that's the result! A couple of the musical notes are from stencils I have that I cut from card and the rest are the ones printed off, just on normal paper. I stuck them on with 3D foam tape and I love the pop-out effect it gave them.

The top two cards I'm keeping to replenish my stock of cards but the bottom two will be available in out shop. But I'm afraid that won't be until after 12th February because we're going off on holidays tomorrow and will have little/no Internet access while we're away.

The stack of sheet music doesn't look any smaller. I've got a way to go yet. :-P


  1. Love the cards - they look very effective and love how you have repurposed your sheet music. Have a great holiday!

  2. I love those cards . Have a great holiday , take care .
    Clare's Craftroom


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