Monday, 14 May 2007

All Things Owl

Now that Mother's Day gifts have been happily received I can share some of the crafting endeavours of the past couple of weeks. Oh it is so hard to keep a secret! I sent these little owls to my Mum as she collects and likes all things OWL.

I recently discovered these wonderful patterns for sale on esty and have been happily crocheting little owls since. The mother and baby are a pattern by Amy Gaines. Her instructions were very clear and easy to follow and both of these were made in a couple of evenings.

The little baby is part of a pattern by Ana Paula Rimoli which is for sale in her etsy shop. These instructions were also clear and easy to follow. I did make some minor modifications because of my tension. I left out a couple of rows to make my owl a little shorter than the pattern. I am pretty sure it was just because my tension was different. I also made the mother owl and she winged her way to a little niece for her first birthday. I am now in the process of creating another mother owl for the orphan sent to my Mum.

These patterns are just great. They take very little wool, not much time and I think they are just adorable. I had great fun posing them in the the apple tree to take their photos. See all the pictures in my Picasa album - All Things Owl.

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