Saturday, 27 October 2007

Button Necklace

From Avid Crafter'...

This necklace is adapted from one I saw on somebody's blog - I'm very sorry to whoever's it was but I can't remember which one!

I've made a few now, each slightly different. This one has a couple of beads in the middle on a drop pin as well as the buttons. It's all held together with jump-rings. The actual necklace string came from the local cheapie shop in a pack and already had the silver beads on it. It was given to a friend as a birthday present. 2 of my friends have very close birthdays so I was quite busy making quite a few presents.

This isn't my favourite button necklace but I haven't got photos of the others.

The next one will involve buttons with 3 holes so that a single 'strand' becomes two. Oh the possibilities!

Sorry again to whoever it was who made these originally!

Edit: Thankyou futuregirl, the necklace idea came from Maitreya at craftlog

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  1. I bet it was Maitreya posted a boat-load of button crafts a while back. :)

    I love your necklace, too!


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