Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Places to Visit

I worked out how to add a link to Madeit.com.au to our sidebar. I have had a wonderful time looking at all the creative handmade goodies. If you have never visited - it is an Aussie site for selling unique handcrafted items.

Of course Etsy is the other great place to discover all things crafty. I love using the connections tool to find new and interesting creations.

Just recently I have also been spending more than I should on some new craft books. Just can't help it when so many luscious books are shared between blogs. I have used Buy Australian and Fishpond as places to look for titles and have bought from both sites with no troubles. I have some things ordered from Amazon but try to buy from sites closer to home or local bookstores if I can. Just look at the pile that is growing. Just need to rearrange the bookshelf to fit them all on!

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  1. I too have had to find a bookshelf to put all the craft books I have purchased in the past year. Thanks for sharing the "Buy Australian" site, I will have to check that out. I have found where I live it is just impossible to get these books at a reasonable price. Must be all the freight they put onto them.


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