Monday, 5 November 2007

Replacing an Oven Mitt

Here is my first try at making an oven mitt to replace my much loved and very worn oven mitt. I have had it for longer than I should! The old one was just the right size and had just the right insulating properties (couldn't think of a better word!) and so I just kept on using it long past the time it should have been retired. One Mother's Day my children even gave me a new one but it was too thin and so just resides in the cupboard and never sees the light of day.

I had some batting that I had purchased ages ago intending to make a replacement but just never got around to it. I think that the batting is Insul~Bright or at least something similar but I didn't keep any product information from when I bought it. I didn't do any web research either which was a bit silly as then I would have read the suggestion about also using a second layer of cotton or wool batting. This mitt is OK but still not as good as the old worn favourite!

The fabrics were from Frangipani Fabrics. A roll of Japanese cotton prints that caught my eye and had been waiting for a suitable project to be used. I still have lots left for more projects. A second mitt is in productions using more of the same fabrics but this time I have added a wool (make that cotton) batting layer as well as the Insul~Bright layer. I have also quilted the layers more with the second mitt. It is still waiting to have the binding added to the edge. I also added a second layer to the pocket section because I felt that the pockets of the first attempt were too thin.

I was not at all happy with the stitching on the binding of the mitt in the photo and ended up going around twice. The binding moved and stretched and wrinkled dreadfully! Any tips on how to do a better job would be greatly appreciated.

On another tack altogether. If you have small ones and need some ideas for some creating fun check out this site! It is called "kid's craft weekly" and boy did I wish that it had been around when my biggies were littlies! So many great ideas and an online newsletter subscription option plus a book offer. Oh to have some littlies to play with again! Oops - such a lot of exclamation marks in this little post.

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  1. You have done a great job!! I love the combination of fabrics you have chosen - by far the nicest oven glove I've seen ~ well done!! Gx


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