Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Second Try and Much Happier

Here is my second try at replacing the sad, old double oven mitt I owned with a newer, nicer model. I think it is better than the first try but it still needs to be put through its paces in the kitchen before a final verdict is reached!

I used a layer of cotton batting (at least I think it is cotton as I have just found what I think is the labelling that came with the batting when I bought it eight years ago) which I quilted to the bottom layer of the mitt. I attached the Insul~Bright to the top layer and quilted that as well. I put the two layers together and added the pockets which are doubled for a bit more protection. Once it was all stacked up I stitched around the edge with a multi-step zigzag stitch before adding the binding. I even tacked (a very rare occurrence) the binding before I stitched it on. I was much happier with the binding on this one as it didn't wrinkle much at all.

To make the pattern I just measured the old one and drew a rectangle. I found a nice curve (that matched the curve on the old one) to trace for the ends and then measured the pocket depth and created a pocket pattern piece.

If the test run in the kitchen is successful I will make a few for presents. While I sit typing this my mind is wandering back to pleasant memories of my children using the old one as alligator jaws and chasing one and other up the hallway going "SNAP, SNAP, SNAP!". I think they were about 3 and 4 at the time. Got to love vivid imaginations!!

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  1. A very noble idea and a great way of teaching the young ones 'two things at once' numbers and putting things away in the right places! Lovely blog! will be back to visit!


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