Friday, 8 June 2007

Bravely Sharing My Own Pattern

Having had so much fun re-discovering crochet by making all those different owls I decided it was time to share my own pattern. I created these flowers for some beanies that I knitted a couple of years ago. I needed a little something to add to the beanies that were destined to go as presents to the girls in the family. The beanie pattern was a very simple one with a nice wide fold up brim. The flowers were attached to the brim of each beanie with a brooch pin so that the beanie could be worn plain if desired. I didn't take any photos of the beanies at the time so I will have to take some one day soon. I found the beanie pattern on the web but cannot remember where. I have also attached the flowers to a hairband and just used them as a brooch.

From Crocheted Flo...

Crocheted Flower Pattern

4 chain to make a loop
Round 1: 5 single crochet into loop and slip stitch to 1st single crochet to join, 1 ch
Round 2: ( single crochet, 3ch, 1 single crochet) into 1 single crochet. Repeat 5 more times to form 6 petals. The last petal will be formed in the joining stitch of the first round. Slip stitch to first sc to join, 1 chain.

Round 3: [(1 sc, 2hdc, 2dc, 1trc, 2dc, 2hdc, 1sc) into 3 chain loop. Skip 2 sc]. Repeat 5 more times to form 6 petals. Slip stitch to first sc to finish.

Stitch in the ends. Photos are also in my Picasa album - Crocheted Flowers
Please let me know if these instructions make sense or not by adding a comment.

Have you looked at the photos and gone "?? - the hook is the wrong way - has she flipped the photos?". No I haven't flipped the photos - I am a leftie and all my crochet goes in the opposite direction. I taught myself how to crochet after watching my Mum. She is right handed so I just must have looked at what she was doing and done it in the opposite direction. I could never pick up something of hers to finish and she could never finish something of mine. This showed up so much when we both spent lots of time making Granny squares.

I think all the abbreviations in my pattern are correct for the US versions of stitch names. Here is a link I found to a simple chart with the comparison between US and UK stitch names.

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