Sunday, 3 June 2007

Mobile Phone Socks

From Avid Crafter'...

Here are the mobile phone socks I have made. The one on the left is mine and made from a 4 ply rainbow wool and blue fluffy wool combined. The rainbow shows through on the inside. The one on the right is my Mum's and made from an 8 ply alpaca wool. It's beautiful and soft. I made up the pattern through trial and error with a bit of help from a pattern in a magazine for a similar sock. There is a moss-stitch band at the top and bottom to stop it curling up. As a finishing touch, a clip is attached to one corner so the sock can be clipped to a belt loop on a pair of jeans.
Mum's isn't quite finished as she wants a button of similar to hold it shut. My phone sometimes falls out in my bag if it's not upright.

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