Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The cutest book covers I've ever seen

Here are our first creations from our new 'Cute' book; Cute Stuff. They're called Book Covers. They're a stiffened fabric rectangle with raw edges turned over, and a turn-back on each end that the covers of the book slide into to hold it in place. We adjusted the measurements to fit the size of books we typically read, for me that means fat ones! They took my friend and I an afternoon to make with a little help from Crafty Things. My friend's book cover is on the left and mine on the right.

There are four different applique options in the pattern: the panda that my friend chose, the bear that I chose, a rabbit and 'Bad Guy'. They're done in felt that is just glued on - no sewing at all. Cutting out the insides of the letters needed very pointy, sharp scissors. Our normal scissors were hopeless.

Another pattern change we made was to add the ribbon bookmarks. We cut a length of ribbon, fray-checked the end and sewed it onto the middle of the cover. Next time we'd sew it into the seam as it would look much tidier. My ribbon was determined to fray at the top too so I fray-checked that end too. Unfortunately we had a bit of a fray-check flood so the top of my book cover is rather stiffer than it should be.

They were made a few weeks ago now. It has taken me so long to get around to blogging about them!! Anyway, they seem to be holding up fairly well to use - the only repair needed has been a replacement panda ear for one that fell off.

Now I think I need a whole set for different sized books since only a few fit my cover really well, I was a bit too generous in increasing the size! A set would make a nice present too.

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  1. Very cute book covers. I take dust covers of hardbacks when I read them. I wonder what the Bear is reading?? Those eyes make me think it's something explosive!!!


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