Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Progress Report

Here's my first update on the 'Underwater' cross-stitch. I've worked on it on and off since starting it in March and here is the progress to date. The biggest fish is finished and some of the seaweed too. It's quite a bit of stitching for me as I'm not exactly the fasted stitcher ever! Looking at how much white space there still is to fill though, well, there's still quite a way to go. This is the biggest cross-stitch I've started so I'm pleased with the progress. I absolutely love the colours! They're so soft and pretty! Just perfect for the blue wall where this will probably hang once finished. Hopefully that won't be too far into the future =)
Great inspiration for continuing on it is my new cross-stitch corner. There's a comfy chair, good light, room to put all my bits and pieces in easy reach and even a t.v. in this room. The wonders of music DVDs!!
I even have more time to stitch since it's the school holidays over here. How times flies! It feels like yesterday was the first day back. I plan to take full advantage of these holidays with plenty of sleeping in, reading and crafting. A pretty good combination don't you think?


  1. Breakfast at 11:00!! What a life!! Well done on the fish - it looks terrific and I love the colours too. They will look nice on the blue wall this piece is destined to hang upon.

  2. It is a lovely cross stitch and I like the wavy see weeds.
    Aren't the holidays wonderful and the weather has been so fine!! I get to see all my friends in the daytime!!! Happy Holidays!

  3. The cross stitch looks great. Enjoy the holidays - your plans sound wonderful.

  4. Your embroidery is lovely!
    Kind regards

    Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
    From the Netherlands


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