Monday, 23 June 2008

Do you want the good news, or the bad news?

Well, you'll get both. The good news first.

I am the very lucky winner of a giveaway over at The Felt Mouse. Thanks to her generosity, I'm going to receive one of these lovelies in my mailbox. It's so exciting! The first blogland giveaway I've won. Thanks soo much!!

Now, the bad news.

The computer is refusing to access the internet. Again. So I'm typing this on the clunky old laptop. Again. This time everything is worse! Nothing that we've tried has made the slightest bit of difference. Where are the good computer-fairies when you need them??

Oh, there's a bit more good news I forgot about.

My Crafty Friend and I made a second project from 'Cute Stuff', the Card Holder. Armed with a new stash of felt scraps (like I needed any more, but it was $2 a bag and there were some great colours I didn't have) we made one each.

Crafty Friend's Card holder in progress.

They resemble an small envelope with the flap tucking into a slot to hold everything inside. They were the perfect size; needed no adjusting at all. We chose different designs to applique and then machine sewed them together. Next time I'd hand sew them as the layers of felt (3 in total in the thickest part) tended to move a lot. Either that or find a walking foot for my sewing machine from somewhere.

Here are the finished Card Holders, front view...

and back.

Mine's the one on the left with the birds, and Crafty Friend's on the right with the girl and cherries. Mine on the back view shows the flap tucked in and her's out since unfortunately the cherries get hidden. We had a disappearing cherry too! One of the small red felt circles vanished and after looking in various places; the floor, underneath the book etc., we couldn't find it. It eventually turned up a couple of days later stuck to the bottom of the chair leg of all places.
They took around an afternoon to make all up. Hopefully they will see quite a bit of use.


  1. Computer probs can be a real pain we have just been through them good luck.

  2. Darn computers! I'm sure they have male parts that stop us from using them.....
    Love the little card holders. You girls are so talented.

  3. These are so beautiful..esp love your little birdie :)
    Congratulations on your gorgeous prize I was licking my lips until I read what they were and I do hope the computer fairies are on their way to you! Gx

  4. I was thinking the cup cakes looked delicious too till I read about them!!! Happy Fizzing!!
    Such cute card holder. What are the odds of that cherry being under the chair leg???!!!

  5. That's a great blog prize you have won indeed. I love your little card holders.

  6. What great card holders - love the cute appliques. Good luck in rectifying your computer problems - it is so frustrating when they don't work as they should.

  7. I know what you're going through, our computer has been playing up too - wouldn't let me access Blogger, of all things!!!

    Thanks for stopping by! I am familiar with madeit and had considered it, but I'll try Etsy first.

    Cute envelopes! :o)

  8. Technology is so frustrating when it lets you down. Hope it all sorts itself out soon. Love the little bird motif, very sweet.


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