Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I have owned my Print Gocco machine for about 5 years and use it sporadically. I have used it mostly to make Christmas cards and wrapping paper. I have a gadget called a Hand Stamper which is great for printing repeat patterns on large paper to make your own wrapping paper and matching cards. On the Aussie site Nehoc they have this listed as discontinued. How sad as I found it to be a very useful addition to my Gocco kit. At some stage during my purchasing of supplies I was sent a little kit (all instructions in Japanese) that showed how to make four small hand held stamps from one screen. I had just filed it away for future reference and found it the other day.
From Assorted Pape...
It is the tiny little white cardboard thing in front of the ink box. Boy did I have some fun with it. I created a little flower motif and stamped to my hearts content. It is a little fragile and the screen eventually cracked at the side where it was folded but that was after I had unfolded it a couple of times to add more ink. I rescued the various cardboard bits to reuse with another small image. All I need to track down is some thin soft foam as this is what was used to press the ink through the screen. Here is a card made with the paper I created.
From Cards 2007
My daughter suggested that next time I use grey rather than black for the smaller flowers, particularly if I was going to use it as background paper. I might try that another time after I have used up all the pieces I printed this time.
From Assorted Pape...
I drew the flower myself. I used Paintshop Pro and had a pentagon on the bottom layer. This helped me to keep my petals in an even spacing. I used my tablet pen and hand drew each petal on a second layer. I copied this layer and pasted it as a third layer and rotated it slightly so that my petals had a second shadow line. I then hid the layer with the pentagon and because I did it on the computer it was very easy to re-size. I then traced my printed image with the fine carbon pen to get the image that I could use with the Gocco machine. I used it in another little project that can't be shared yet. In this dreary winter weather it if nice to have lots of crafting fun.

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  1. ooo I really like gocco printing. Ive never done it myself...but seen others works. I want to get one myself..any ideas where I could pick up a secondhand one around melbourne. Ive seen a few on ebay.


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