Friday, 13 July 2007

A Lull In Crafting

There has not been a great deal of crafting happening of late. The more mundane tasks of life have been more in the foreground this week - cleaning, washing, cooking, washing, cleaning, teenage taxi service, gardening etc. I have a few cards that need creating so hopefully there will be some time this weekend.

Luckily for me there are all those creative blogs out there with ideas and inspiration to keep me sane. I loved Rose Red's , light hearted, two part tutorial on zip lock bags - ever increasing stashes must be stored somehow. You can't have too much wool or fabric.

I have fitted in a little knitting at night but that is all. The knitting was only little and practical, using up some cotton to create some small bags to put the leftover pieces of soap in.

On the to do list is finish an octopus from this pattern, start knitting a bag to be put away for a Christmas present, sew a few notebook covers from this pattern and crochet some more amigurumi.

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