Thursday, 19 July 2007

I'd like to be ...

From Sewing Stuff

At last I have finished sewing my felt octopus stuffie from Futuregirl's pattern. I came across this little fellow on her blog and just loved him. Alice was very helpful and answered questions for me along the way. It took a little bit of time to get him finished but he is now happily guarding the dvd collection on my mantlepiece.

I wish that my stitching was a little more even but I think that I just need a bit more practice. I bought some wool felt to make him and found it very easy to work with although cutting the curves on the legs was a bit tricky. I found some blue and green buttons while out shopping and decided to add these to the eyes rather that have sequins like on the legs.

I also think that the variegated felt makes my little occie look like he is in the process of changing colours. If you have ever had the opportunity to watch one of these amazing creatures in a rock pool they change colour as they move over and through the rocks.

The title of today's post came about because the song just wouldn't get out of my head when I was stitching. Then it was just the opportunity to dream about where else I would like to be!

I'd like to be... anywhere warm at this present time. I usually enjoy winter but this year am already wishing for it to be over. I am usually pretty immune to the winter blues but just lately have felt very down and miserable. One saving grace has been being able to read and comment on the very wonderful crafting blogs out there. My RSS reader is now looking at 129 very interesting blogs with things to share, information to pass on and pictures to show. Some are knitting blogs, other sewing, other crochet, other about education, other about papercrafts and then others about computers.

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