Monday, 7 January 2008

More of the Christmas sewing!

I know that Christmas is over but after is the best time to share what was created as gifts. For my niece I wanted to sew something so out came all the old patterns and a call was made to confirm sizes. Boy is it hard to sew for someone only seen every now and again.

The pattern finally decided upon was New Look 6724 - view 3.

Not at all difficult for a last minute gift. The cross over bodice is one that I used lots when my daughter was little. I used snaps for the shoulders because I just didn't feel like facing the buttonholes at the last minute but am a little worried that this active little girl will kneel on the dress and the pulling might open the snaps. Putting the snaps in was a drama on its own with a lapse in concentration leading to one being applied the wrong way round and having the be carefully prised off and another one applied.

The hem was finished with one of my favourite techniques. the hem is pressed up first and then I apply the lace to the hem facing with the overlocker, re-press the fold and stitch along the hem from the right side. It gives a sort of mock petticoat look. This applies the lace and finishes the raw edge of the hem in one go. Fortunately for me I had this pretty lace sitting in the stash and it was just the right amount!

I was not able to see the dress on the little recipient but got some feedback that it was a little too big. I would rather that than it be too small. The depth of the armhole makes it a very loose fit but it also allows room for a t-shirt to be worn underneath.


  1. Oh I think I used this pattern when my daughter was little.
    Beautiful dress, love the lacey bottom.

  2. What a pretty little dress - the lace trim is beautiful! :O)


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