Monday, 14 January 2008

Starfish and Geckos

Being at home and not doing much seems to be good for me making things. I made these from this pattern.

The starfish are by far the easiest, the gecko was slightly more complicated to turn through.

I used two fabrics from Frangipani Fabrics to create a contrast for the underside. They are being quite useful paperweights on my desk at the moment but one at least will be given as a birthday present.

They are all filled with rice as we had no fine sand or kitty litter as recommended by the pattern which worked fine for the starfish but didn't get into the smaller points of the gecko.

He was also probably overstuffed and could have been floppier.

They were taken down to the the beach for pictures to be taken where we discovered this handy tree just right for gecko photos.


  1. Oh I love the gecko, reminds me of the Bridgestone gecko.

  2. You're right, that tree is perfect for photographing the gecko! These are really sweet, you've done a gorgeous job.

  3. Oh they all look fabulous, they look right at home on the beach!! :O)


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