Monday, 21 January 2008

Under the Sea

This is the result of my Dad asking for a seahorse. I have no idea what he wanted it for but he got one. Crafty Things and I ended up designing him ourselves, my first softie design! We drew the outline and used the freezer paper method to sew it on a brightly patterned fleece fabric. I like using fleece fabric as it doesn't fray, it makes things so much easier. The fins are felt that was stuck in the seam and cut later. The eyes are buttons from the stash.

It wasn't all simple though. The top fin took a couple of tries to sew in but the cutting helped a lot. When stuffing him, I managed to break the knitting needle I was using to poke the stuffing into the tail, cutting my finger when it snapped.

He's approximately 23cm tall. The broken knitting needle was an old small beginners needle that I still used for very small knitting projects. I can't do that now I've only got one left!

The blue background in the top picture is a lacy scarf draped over our usual fence. It does a good job of disguising it and creating a sea-like atmosphere for Dad's Seahorse.


  1. Oh I just love him, you must let us know why your dad wanted one?
    Would he like the floral fabric?
    I think he's just gorgeous.

  2. Ouch.. the end result is fabulous. I think that's so cute your dad wanted one! Gx


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