Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Lots and Lots of Cross stitch

Since I haven't been doing much crafting lately, here's the result of my holiday cross-stitching. Sorry but this will be a picture heavy post.

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This one took me a little while to stitch as it's one of the bigger ones I've ever stitched. I usually keep my stitching to quick little charts. I'm really glad I got this one, it was $10 at Spotlight and a very enjoyable stitch. I love the design, it's based on the Suzy's Zoo characters and who could resist it? Also I can proudly say this design is the one I learnt to do French knots properly and they actually worked. Before I would try and try and give up. I'd either sew on a bead or ask Crafty Things to give me a hand. So I'm very proud of this one.

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This was a kit given to me for Christmas with excellent timing as I was looking to try a sampler. This being so small was easy and quick, a great first sampler for me to try.

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Crafty Things has a large collection of kits from the front of magazines. I've slowly been working my way through them. This card was stitched incredibly quickly in front of the TV.

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This is my current WIP only waiting for its back stitch. It's another card kit from the stash of magazine kits. I started it around Valentines day but then all cross stitch got put away for a while so it's only just being finished.

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This one was completed a while ago but I was back at Spotlight, dangerous place that, and found two more in the set - Autumn and Spring. At $10 I bought them. A friend of mine mentioned that she has the Winter one so I'll photocopy her chart and then I can stitch the whole set and make a quilt perhaps.

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There they are with 3 other kits now on my to-do list. Crafty Things and I went through her stash of kits she's bought and never started and I picked out these three to do myself. A half finished one almost found its way here too but the stitches were going the opposite side to me (Crafty Things is left handed and I'm right handed - it causes some problems) so it went back into the box. Anyway, top left is a gorgeous Snugglepot and Cuddlepie bookmark. Crafty Things is halfway through another of these but this one has much less back stitch which is what has slowed her down. Top right is a large 'Underwater' kit, much much bigger than anything I've ever stitched before. The design is so pretty though and it's about time I challenged myself with something bigger. Crafty Things got close to starting so all the threads are already sorted and the aida had been rolled up and tucked away so there's no nasty creases. With luck I'll get it finished in the next 2 years. Bottom middle is a cute little teddy bear (a recurring theme maybe??) with the text "days to remember". Two in the same series have been stitched for my brother and I and they look good all stitched up. It's fairly simple with blocks of solid colour unlike the 'Underwater' one.

Made it to the end? Well done.
With that lovely inspiration I think cross stitching will be my focus for a while =)

By the way, this is our 99th post. Next is the 100th post, wow I can't believe it!! How time flies!

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  1. Work as gotten in the road of my blogging time and I'm so far behind. Look what i've missed. I love love love cross-stitch and these are so beautiful. Love them all.


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