Friday, 7 March 2008

100th POST!

Wow how amazing that we've posted 100 posts already! So to celebrate this, we're doing a giveaway. So leave a comment and we'll send someone the birthday book that Crafty Things recently made, and a block of Cadbury's Chocolate. Comments will close Sunday night, Aussie time.

In other news, I've finished my third type of amigurumi, a ladybug.
From All Things Cr...

One very important thing I learnt: crocheting with black wool is a baad idea for a beginner! It was so hard to see my stitches. But anyway he's cute and currently sitting under a pot plant with his silver eyes shining out at us. They're from the same pattern Crafty Things used to make these. And oh look what else is in that post - a birthday book! However that is a different one to the giveaway but is the same idea.

So comment away all you lovely bloggers!

Ok, times up. Thanks everyone who posted comments, the winner will be revealed soon!


  1. OOh I would love to win a birthday book (and some of my fave chocolate)!

  2. I have just found your blog and your giveaway - and it is just what I need. I am shocking at remembering people's birthdays, and then feel embarrassed when I do see them next that I didn't wish them best wishes! Who wouldn't love some Cadbury! Great combo!

  3. WOW! 100 !!!! Doesn't it come around fast. I'm nearly at 300.
    Congratulations girls. What wonderful giveaway you are offering as well. Love cadbury chocolate, and so close to Easter how wonderful. Yum yum.
    Love your blog girls. Look forward to the next 100. Hugs Fiona xx

  4. CONGRATULATIONS to you both on your 100th!! I've really enjoyed popping over to see your gorgeous creations.. and very much looking forward to hundreds more!
    The ladybird is adorable! :O)

    p.s. I'm at #91 and will also be having a give-away in a fortnight or be sure to stop by! Gx

  5. Yes please. Put me down for your giveaway.

    Your crafts are lovely, and I love the blog. What a great Mum and daughter thing to do.

    The giveaway for a milestone is a great idea. You have inspired me to think about doing something like that.


  6. Oh I liked the birthday book the lady bird is very sweet.


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