Sunday, 30 March 2008

Some more Cuties

Here's the latest bunch of cute critters my friend and I have made from The Cute Book.

We have in the back from left to right: Sprite, Mr Frog, Lizard and Kidnapper. In front is Mr Tad (with the legs), Mr Pole and White Rabbit.
All of these took less than a day to make with spare time spent exploring an op shop, no finds today though. :-(

These ones are mine, currently decorating my shelf.

And these belong to my friend.

Also just made is Arno Cat from the Softies book Crafty Things bought a while ago. He's orange and yellow and will be a gift for a young cousin of mine if I can bear to give him up. Unfortunately there are no pictures yet.


  1. Those are so CUTE! I want to squeeze the little rabbit! I love the robber, too.

  2. They are all so cute! I have just made Arno the Cat as well - making softies is very addictive! Lisa

  3. They're all so cute! I've only made one Softie from that book so far - gotta get back into it!


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